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About Us

Bow Waus - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is an established pet sitting company that provides in-the-client’s-home pet care. Our team focuses on excellent customer service and, of course, the best possible care for pets. We have new clients requesting service every day, and we have plenty of work available. I’m looking forward to you joining our team!

Job Requirements

To apply, fill out the form below:

  • You must have consistent and open availability during designated shifts

  • You must love both dogs and cats

  • You have reliable transportation

  • You have a smartphone that can handle more apps and data

  • You can commit to working with us for at least 1 year

  • You have references

  • You can work at least 2 of the 3 major winter holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's (But don't worry, you will have a holiday too)

  • You are neat and tidy in the client's home

  • You must be detail-oriented and a good problem solver

  • You must be reliable and responsible

  • You can pass a criminal/background check

  • You can pass a motor vehicle/driving record check


Schedule & Availability

We look for sitters who have consistent availability during the week, typically between 9am-3pm with some variance.

Many freelancers, writers, artists, online workers, semi-retirees, and delivery drivers find our schedule fits their lifestyle well.

It takes new sitters 2-3 months to build up a client base. During this time, our pet sitters & dog walkers start off earning $500-$900 per month as they are being trained. When sitters consistently accept new visits they are making between $1400-$2200 per month, and working between 20-30 hours each week.
The more time you have available to take on new clients, the faster will be able to make a higher income.

Starting pay is $18 per hour + pay for mileage + tips. Growth opportunities are available as well as health, dental, and vision insurance. This is a W-2 position - not independent contractor.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Job Duties

Below is a summary of some of the job duties for Bow Waus Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers. We provide thorough training on everything listed below.
⦁    Accept visits assigned to you through our online system
⦁    Meet clients at the Meet & Greet and understand the tasks you will be responsible for
⦁    Complete Pet Sitting and Dog Walking visits during the requested time block
⦁    Complete visits within the requested length, clocking in and out using our online system
⦁    Read the client’s profile and all notes about the visit
⦁    Follow all client instructions
⦁    Take pictures of the happy pets and send informative updates to clients
⦁    Form good relationships with the pets by giving them lots of attention, love, and care
⦁    Form a good and trusting relationship with clients
⦁    Clean up any pet messes and maintain pet health
⦁    Double-check all notes before administering medications, and administer the correct medications every time
⦁    Keep track of what is done at visits through our various communication channels and checklists
⦁    Notice subtle preferences and behavior patterns of pets
⦁    Identify behavioral patterns that may indicate stress or a health issue in pets
⦁    Keep pets and their environment healthy, clean, and safe
⦁    Maintain great communication with the office and with coworkers through phone calls and team chat app
⦁    Keep all client information confidential
⦁    Bring in mail and packages
⦁    Be flexible in case of last-minute booking or last-minute cancellation
⦁    Make the safety of pets and the security of the client’s home your top priority

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