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'Not a Dog' with a Blog

Welcome to Bow Waus - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, the ultimate destination for all your dog walking needs!


Our blog provides helpful tips on how to make the most of your dog walking experience, from bonding with your pup to adding more mental stimulation on their walk.


Let us help make your next dog walking adventure one to remember! We'll do some round-ups of local, dog friendly events and stores. Additionally, we'll highlight some ​nearby dog friendly areas for your next journey with your best friend.


In addition to fun activities to do with your dog, I also have a few posts on business and the dog walking industry as a whole. I think transparency is one of the most important traits to have when running a dog walking business. As a pet parent looking for a dog walker, you may not know what exactly to look for in a dog walking and pet sitting business.


I have a few posts on how things in the industry "work", what I think is important to look out for, and why I think it should be important to you also.


​Thank you for taking the time to read my posts! I hope you will find them helpful. I am always looking to spread knowledge and to also further my own education. Currently, I am working on my dog trainer's certification at CATCH Dog Training Academy and then I will have even more tips to share with you.

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