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About Us

WE LOVE DOGS! But I'm sure you could have guessed that already. What dog walking and pet sitting company wouldn't say that they love dogs? Frankly, I would say that's the bare minimum requirement for the job, right? So, I'm not going to waste any more time telling you just how much we love animals. Instead, I'm going to tell you how much we love people!

 Like with most businesses, our workers are our lifeblood. As such, I believe they deserve a living wage, paid time off, and benefits. Being a smaller company, that can be a little harder to achieve, but people are one aspect I simply don't believe in cutting costs in. Our "product" here at Bow Waus - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting isn't 'dog walking', it's trust, more than anything else. As cliché as that may sound. You want to trust the person coming into your house and taking care of your beloved pets. Trust is not something that can easily be packaged up and sold, so I hope that my sincerity will shine through here and you will give us the opportunity to build a relationship with you and your pets. I do not believe we will disappoint you. At Bow Waus - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, we are committed to treating people and animals right and furthering our education and knowledge in the field. We are pet first-aid certified, fear-free certified, members of Pet Sitters International, proponents of positive reinforcement based training, and have taken courses at the Karen Pryor Academy, as well as the Ian Dunbar Academy. If you are looking for a dog walker in Fishtown, a pet sitter in Philadelphia, dog walking near you, or other very natural phrases about dog walking that a regular human being would say (and not somebody trying to appease a search engine) - look no further than Bow Waus - Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

Bow Waus - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


Listed below are some of our basic, most requested services. Don't see a specific option you're looking for? We can possibly set up something custom for you! In addition to these services, we also offer cat visits, check-in services, plant watering, etc. No minimum per-week required! Only need the occasional walk? That's fine too!


Once you are set up in our scheduling system, you are free to request a walk at any time. For most immediate results, use our online scheduler to put in a request for a meet and greet. The button is right below our services.

15 Minute Walk - $14

Little 15 minute jaunt. Good for potty breaks and getting a little energy out before you get home!

30 Minute Walk - $20

Thirty minutes of walking and/or hangout time. Whatever your pup(s) need!

Overnight Sitting - $80

Minimum visit of 12 hours with a midday walk typically scheduled in between.

Cat Care - $12

A little visit to check in on your kitties. Includes feedings, litter boxes, playtime, and medication if needed. Available as a bundle of two visits per day at $10 per visit.